Massage Treatments

Biodynamics Vienna Massage Philosophy
  • Massage treatments are always designed to fit your needs
  • Yes we dig deep into muscles and tissues to relief your pain
  • No we don´t inflict unnecessary pain
  • We focus on the roots of your Pain, not symptoms
  • we use organic oils
What kind of treatments can you book?

As mentioned above: we design treatments according to your needs, therefor we don´t offer particular techniques. What is in the repertoire? Swedish Massage, Sportmassage, Deep-Tissue Techniques, Foot Reflexology, Trigger-Point, Thai-Massage, Detox- Massage,…

In other words: Tell us your problem/ pain – we´ll enjoy to fix it, in a way you like.

If you have any question concerning a Treatment or if you Need more Information, just give us call, E-Mail us or connect on Facebook. We´re happy to help you anytime!

You are an Athlete? .
Check out our Plattform dedicated to Sport:  Sportmassage.vienna